Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art graduate, BFA 1979.

From the time I could stand, I've been drawing and "making" things...Kindergarten was a pivotal creative experience for me, unlimited materials, and lots of approval, for doing what I enjoyed most. The first artistic epiphany I can remember, came in 1966, when, lusting for a "Batman" figure, I hit the paper mache, and MADE myself a model. The feeling of power and accomplishment was nothing short of rapturous, and for the next 40 years, I've spent my life trying to relive that rush. Every day has the potential for that creative breakthrough for me. Paper mache has been a loyal and challenging ally over the decades, and in my search to expand my horizons, I've worked in a host of other commercial materials, but Paper, Bronze and glass seem to serve me best, and have held my interest the longest. My finished product has less importance to me, than does the process of creating, something I find essential for my own balance and peace of mind.